Thursday, December 8, 2011

Merry Christmas to meeee...

Every year no matter how broke I am I always manage to buy myself a few treats "from Santa."  Giving is great, and I love love love to get fun yet thoughtful things for my family and friends this time of year but I also love to think about myself too! :)

These Dolce Vita booties have been crossing my mind from time to time for several months now and when they went on sale I finally broke down and ordered them!  Blue suede is the new black...

Dolce Vita Wyatt Bootie
On sale for $64.90

Now, anyone who knows me knows there hasn't been a day in 5 years that my nails aren't painted.  They usually aren't your average sheers or nudes but rather some shade of blue, green, purple, orange or even black.  Nails can be a great accessory!  Sooooo, it should be no surprise that I'm extremely intrigued by these nail wraps at Nordstrom.   I've seen them before and never thought twice until I came across these fabulous prints!    At only $8 it is much cheaper than heading to the salon.  

I think Giraffe or Python will be my new accessory! 

Giraffe print

I just love these handmade clutches!  I'm not one to own many purses (by many I mean more than 10) because I hate to have to continuously transfer all of my purse junk from one bag to another but I just loooooove these bags!  They are so fun and can easily add a pop of color to my uniform of jeans and a white tee.  They would also make a really great holiday gift bc it can be used for so many different things.

Precious Hands Small Huipil Cosmetic Clutch

One thing I can't wait to wear this winter are my new bright tights!!!  I loooooove tights and have been rocking them since I so desperately tried to match my outfits to Cher from Clueless, and my sister.  Hooray for colored tights!!  Nothing fits my refusal to match in the winter better than these bright and fun tights from American Apparel.  I may have to grab a few more colors.  Check out WhoWhatWear HERE for tips on incorporating bright tights into your wardrobe!

Dark Teal

Lastly, this icy fabulous mini for New Years Eve!  I may even rock it with my new blue's only right! ;)


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